Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wagners Speak at River Falls Unity in the Community Day

What a day in River Falls, WI. Paul, Brad and I met so many wonderful people who readily shared their stories with us. Paul and I did our first official presentation regarding our book, Ready or Not…They’re Gay. I surprised myself when emotions overcame me a couple of times. Our audience was awesome. We were able to speak with most of the people who attended following our talk. At the Public Library that evening we saw talented people from UW-River Falls along with River Falls community members perform a variety of venues. Every single performance was outstanding. We felt privileged to be a part of Unity in Community. Our hats off to River Falls for providing a well planned day to celebrate diversity in their community. Look at our photos of the River Falls event on our Ready or Not Facebook Fan Page.

Our Visit to Austin: Book Pros and Phenix & Phenix

We have anticipated meeting our friends at Book Pros and Phenix & Phenix for quite some time. We had a great phone and email relationship but it is nothing like meeting in person. The official reason for visiting Book Pros and Phenix & Phenix was to receive information on what to expect once the book is published. Phenix & Phenix employees conducted the training for us and three other authors. The day was a mixture of information, practice, and critiques. We learned the difference between publicity and marketing. We all had a chance to practice radio and TV interviews. Our fellow authors attending the training came with experience, e.g. radio announcer and CNN employee. Lucky them! At the end of the day, we felt better prepared for an interview. We were glad we went to meet with our publicist because we feel better prepared. Once we left, we knew we had to practice our answers so they are succinct, interesting, and memorable (my words, not their words!). Paul and I had a 12 hour drive once we flew into Denver so we had plenty of time to practice. “Now Paul, tell me a little about…..” It went on for hours! Look for our photos on Ready or Not Facebook Fan Page of our Book Pro and Phenix & Phenix saviors - George, Peggy, and Amy.