Friday, July 31, 2009

Fox 6 News Wakeup in Milwaukee - Interview

Okay, okay....No link showed up. The link was directed to our blog but something didn't work. Here is the direct link so you can view it.

Interview Link for Fox 6 Wake-Up in Milwaukee

Here you go - hope you enjoy it:

In-Studio Interview with Kim Murphy - FOX 6 Wake-Up

We are in Milwaukee and the interview is over. It was quick - about 3 1/2 - 4 minutes with Kim Murphy. Prior to the interview we waited until called, were escorted to the studio, put on our mics, seated ourselves, and waited for Kim. She was a great person and very easy to converse with. She asked about our story and also about our visit to West Bend. The interview was so short we couldn't mess it up too much!! We felt comfortable with the questions and our responses. Next stop - West Bend Fireside Book Store on Saturday at 10:30. We look forward to it!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eau Claire Introduced to Ready or Not...They're Gay

At last - the fine folks of Eau Claire were introduced to our story, Ready or Not...They're Gay and our Ready or Not...Let's Talk Conversation cards. On July 15 Borders hosted around 40 people at their Eau Claire store for an author talk and book signing. An hour of Q & A passed quickly followed by a short introduction to our Let's Talk cards on GLBT topics. It was a great night with old and new friends from the Chippewa Valley. Below are the media links around the book signing event and our book.

Eau Claire WI Leader Telegram News Article:
WEAU TV 13 Interview with Judy Clark:
Volume I Magazine: article coming in August issue

Maverick Radio Interview – Interview complete (30 minutes) – waiting for the tape

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pride Rochester 2009

Yes, I know. We just did the post on Pride Twin Cities. I am a little behind on our postings! Rochester Pride was very different than Twin Cities Pride. Compare 200,000 people to 400 people. Rochester was more personal and relaxed. We had a chance to talk with participants for a longer period of time. We didn't need to choose where to eat because there was only one food vendor and I might add, their food was excellent! The entertainment was great. The mayor read a proclamation and meandered around the park. We didn't meet him but we were impressed that he made an intentional appearance at the event. The vendors were only there for 5 hours but it was quality time on a beautiful day in a shaded park downtown Rochester. If you are in that area next year, make an effort to attend. You'll enjoy it.

Pride Twin Cities 2009

What a weekend. This was our second Pride Festival. We attended last year to help at the Target booth with Brad. This year we were one of the vendors. We came prepared with our table, special Ready or Not tablecloth and T-Shirts, crayon and Border balloon give-aways, our book and Let's Talk Conversation Cards. Oh no, rain and wind on the first day. Thank goodness we had a tent cover. Okay, everything is set and we were ready. Where are the people? We were tucked behind the Target booth in the children and family section and it seemed that a lot of people missed seeing us. We were told by Pride organizers we could move to a better location. We took them up on that offer the next day and saw far more traffic. Was it a successful weekend for us? Not by the cost of the event and our sales but meeting the good people at the Festival was well worth it. It is at events like this that we know our mission has impact on others and the message in our book is needed in communities everywhere. Marketing remains our biggest challenge. You can't help others if they don't know about your book.

The Friday before Pride we were privileged to present our book and Let's Talk cards to some team members at Best Buy Corporation in Bloomington. We enjoyed seeing the Best Buy campus which was welcoming and friendly. A big thanks to Best Buy for the invitation and for asking us to present in Las Vegas at WoLF in August.

All for now - hope you enjoy our updates.