Thursday, November 5, 2009

Joel Osteen says our sons are not God's best

I simply cannot let this one pass without comment. Yesterday (Nov 4) Joel Osteen was on The View. Whoopi asked how he feels about folks who are gay. His response was that he believes what scripture says....that (meaning homosexuals) isn't God's best. WHAT? He is telling parents of two gay sons that their sons can never be God's best? Shock and disappointment were but a few of our feelings. He is in the same camp as Rev. Robert Schuller who said on Larry King that he believes in "excellence" in all they do. He went on to describe "excellence" as men and women married with children. We have now been told by two infamous religious leaders that our sons can never be excellent or God's best. Ouch. We wrote a very long letter to Rev Schuller regarding his statements on Larry King. Today we wrote to Joel Osteen about his comments. We encourage anyone else who is motivated to do the same. I can understand why GLBTs turn their back on organized religion when they hear things such as this. Paul and I subscribe to Desmond Tutu's statement - "God knew you before you were born; no one is a mistake." Nothing will alter our thinking on this because the God we know and love and who loves us unconditionally would never turn his back on his own creation. It doesn't make sense.

What do you think? Respond to our blog about your feelings on this.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ready or Not at Northwest Education Association Conference

It was a great two days at the Northwest Education Association (NWEA) conference in Eau Claire. We presented three times and had a booth in the vendor area. We hope our presence had an impact with the school personnel represented at the conference. We had a great time and had meaningful discussions with many educators in the area.

Now, here are the questions for you. Has your workplace or school provided training for you on GLBT issues in the workplace? If not, should they? Should it be mandatory for all? Are you in compliance with the Safe School Law? If you are a business, have you ever discriminated on the basis of gender orientation or identity? Let's have a discussion - join our blog!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A visit with University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Staff and Students

David Gardner, LGBTQ Program Coordinator from the Women's and Gender Equity Center at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, did a fantastic job advertising our presentation at the Davies Center on the evening of October 7. We exceeded 100 people in the audience who asked great questions at the end of our presentation. One group in attendance was a material selection class. We shared with them the importance of having GLBT material in schools and public libraries and our fear that librarians/media specialists may use self-censorship because of the controversial nature of GLBT books in general. Remember our blog on the West Bend Public Library controversy? You never know when the challenge will hit your community. Although our book is a recommended title for middle and high school, some media specialists may feel it is just easier not to order it for their library even though our book has only received positive reviews. Or perhaps it won't be used in an educator book club even though we were educators for over 30 years and offer suggestions for schools on how to protect GLBT students and staff.

What is your opinion? Do you think schools will include our title in their library bookshelves or will it just be easier not to order it? Do you have a reasonable amount of books on GLBTs in your media center? Will they use our book or another GLBT title as a staff development tool for educators or continue to ignore the issues of harassment and bullying of our GLBT sons and daughters? We want to hear from you on this.