Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Buy WoLF Invisible Diversity Presentation in Vegas

We were honored to be a part of Best Buy WoLF (Women in Leadership Forum) Conference in Las Vegas on August 11 and 12. There were 3,000 attendees at MGM Grand. It was an incredible experience watching that many people served by MGM staff at breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are amazing!

Paul and I presented a portion of the presentation on Invisible Diversity with the Corporate Diversity Team. We had around 100 Best Buy employees attend our session. It was met with great enthusiasm and a lot of questions and comments following the formal presentations. We were honored to have a longer visit later in the day with a talented Best Buy employee who shared his personal journey with us. We felt privileged that he trusted us enough to share his journey. We wish him and all of our Best Buy friends the best in the future. We feel a special bond with Best Buy and hope to continue our relationship with their very committed Diversity Team.

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