Monday, September 21, 2009

Media Porfessional Review - Wagner's book is a model

Review for Wagner, Paul and Hjordy (2009). Ready or not...they're gay:
stories from a Midwestern family.

Hjordy and Paul Wagner have given us a book for those times when there really is only one chance to listen closely and then to do the right thing.

Their sons, Brad and Andrew, are both gay. In a very personal, intimate collection of stories, the Wagners describe their own memories and reactions to each son's "coming out," relate how they shared the news with their family and friends, and inspire us with accounts of each son's success and happiness in life. Brad and Andrew each share their own stories of being gay and coming out as well. Though the process was certainly difficult for all of the Wagners, it's easy to see how Brad and Andrew could become the healthy, happy, well-adapted men they are now. Hjordy and Paul are simply among the world's best parents, who have given their children the confidence and security that comes from unconditional love.

The Wagners' book is a model in many ways. It's a model for kids who think they may be gay but need more information. It's a model for kids and families who are going through the coming out process. It's a model that prepares us for the times when we have only once chance to do the right thing. But more than anything else, it's a model for families who, no matter what the life-changing news may be, need to find a way to just love one another and act like the generous-hearted, non-judgmental, supportive people we all hope to be.

Reviewed by Gyneth Slygh, Ph.D.,University Program Coordinator of Library Media Education

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