Monday, September 21, 2009

Wagners visit River Falls United Methodist Church

Sunday was a wonderful day in River Falls, WI. We (Paul, Brad & Hjordy) started our day at the United Methodist Church where our former pastor, Janet Ellinger, inspired us with her prayers and words of wisdom. This was followed by a luncheon and our story in the context of a welcoming church. We estimate the crowd at around 50 or more. Paul and I hope we were able to inspire new thinking. We learn from our audience every time we give a presentation. Yesterday was no exception. One of the ideas shared was when and how to be a vocal advocate. For example, is it the right place to say something to someone when you overhear an inappropriate remark about a minority in a restaurant setting? We had some great suggestions on that topic alone. What do you think?

Church members at River Falls showed courage in opening their hearts and minds to the topic of GLBTs in the church setting. We hold a special place in our hearts for Rev. Ellinger and now we know how special her congregation members are.

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