Monday, May 25, 2009

Book Launch Celebration: May 21, 2009 at the W Hotel

Where to start.... On May 21, 2009, Paul and I had one of the most memorable evenings of our life. We had a sold out crowd with 400 registered guests. Brad had assembled a planning committee and group of volunteers that totalled over 30 people. In addition to that, there were all the people from the W Hotel making the evening special for our guests. This event will be viewed forever through the eyes of our photographer who took over 400 photos of the evening and a videographer who captured the essence of every aspect of the evening. We will share that with you when it is completed.

The guest speakers who shared their personal stories with our guests were moving. There were tears in the audience. Paul and I weren't sure if the lump in our throat would go away before we were behind the podium. Our boys spoke prior to us and we could not have been more proud of them. The Emcee of the evening was absolutely fabulous. He had just enough humor and was extremely prepared for every transition with just the right introduction. Paul and I shared our remarks with the crowd. Paul brought down the house with his golfer joke. We were humbled by the turnout and warm words of support we received from our guests. It was amazing.

And then the celebration became an out and out PARTY! The Belladivas turned up the energy with their wonderful singers and band. They definitely earned their award as the best group of the Twin Cities area. Esera Tuaolo sang two wonderful songs followed by Candi Stratton with her Cher impersonation. The evening ended with the Belladivas rocking the house. The room was still full of energy with people lingering after the last song was sung. It was a true celebration of diversity where everyone could be themselves and feel good about who they are.

A huge thank you goes to Brad and his committee for putting the details together and making this the best party ever! I am sure there has never been a book launch like this one......

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