Monday, May 25, 2009

KSTP Twin Cities Live

May 21, 2009 was a day to remember on so many fronts. Two days prior to our Book Launch, we received a notice from our publicist that Twin Cities Live wanted us for an interview. We were interviewed over the phone by the producer and then it was a go for the show. We were unaware of the questions we were going to be asked which gave us some nervous moments.

Once we arrived at KSTP, we were welcomed and escorted to our "holding area." Paul observed their wall of fame with famous guests throughout the years such as Edgar Bergen, Andy Griffin and many more actors and sports stars. We weren't there very long before being called to studio.

We sat on the couch to see how the three of us looked - usually they don't have more than two people. Andrew was able to come with us but Brad was too busy with final details of the Book Launch.

John Hanson and Rebekah Wood, co-hosts of TCL, made us feel very comfortable. John talked with Andrew about his work and life in Las Vegas. I think we talked nonstop for 15 minutes before going on the air.

The interview was about 9 minutes and was at the top of the hour. They asked good questions and we felt comfortable with our answers. It was a great experience. It you haven't watched Twin Cities Live, be sure to tune in. Both co-hosts are amazing. Click on this link to view the interview:

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